Tuntinetti English user manual : Table of Contents

Frequently Asked Questions

Pension reform 2017
Quick Start / Onboarding guide
Time reporting and login

Reporting time with a computer's web browser

Reporting time with a mobile phone

Approving hours with customer signature via touchscreen

Two-phase authentication
Time management

Time reporting

Booking calendar

Your vacation plans

Vacation calendar

Sick leave management

Company page
Basic settings

Company's basic information

My settings

Tuntinetti's paid features
Projects and pricing

Creating new projects

Billing and pricing
User settings and employment contracts

Employee settings


Managing parallel sets of contracts in Tuntinetti

Employment contract mass management

Employment contract mass creation

Signing employment contracts electronically
Work shift planning and booking

Work shift planner

Order list

Recurring work shifts

Work shift auction

Work shift prints


Client company making an order
Time reports and overtime

Time reports for payroll

Transfer time reports to external payroll

Billing reports by project

Billing reports by customer

Transfer to external billing and servicesedel portals

Data transfers

Approving work time and overtime hours

Overtime billing itemization

Profitability charts

Overtime assignments

Notification obligation in construction business

Flextime bank

Job applications

Job ads

Job advertisement general settings

Mol-publishing settings

Monster-publishing settings

Oikotie-publishing settings
Labour agreements
Salary calculation and annual vacations

Salary/Wages calculations

Payslips in Tuntinetti

Period reports, Payroll ledger, Salary lists

Annual vacations


Contact persons


Project wizard, Organization costs

Employee wizard

Unit wizard
Tuntinetti webinars

Sign up for Tuntinetti Webinars
Time and Attendance Clock Card Devices

Wall mounted NFC Clock card

Wall mounted NFC Mobile Clock card

Portable NFC/QR Mobile clock card

Time and Attendance Clock Card work time tracking using a web browser

Clock card settings in Tuntinetti

Errors and problem situations
Helper Work Force Management solution

Helper mobile Work Force Management solution

Helper settings in Tuntinetti