Tuntinetti English user manual : Overview

On this page you will be introduced to some of Tuntinetti's basic functions. Each section includes links to video tutorials and instruction pages which you can use to look for more information about the topics.

What is Tuntinetti?

Tuntinetti is a work time management system that provides you with comprehensive tools to run your company. The brand was launched in 2002 by Tustor International Oy and it is run with 100% finnish ownership.

  • Provides multiple tools in the same package.
  • Follows the work time of your employees and uses it to calculate salaries and customer bills.
  • One of the essental features include interpretation of collective bargaining agreements. This can be used alongside worktime management to form payrolls and customer bills automatically.
  • The system also enables work shift planning, customer and HR management along with recruiting features.
  •  As a domestic product Tuntinetti also includes finnish instructions and customer service via phone or email.

Why should you use Tuntinetti?

  • With Tuntinetti you can easily and reliably manage human resourcing processes with one software.
  • Tuntinetti reduces the need for manual labour by handling muiltiple processes almost automatically. You don't have to spend hours concerning about work shift prints or salary calculation anymore.
  • Tuntinetti can be equipped with desired modules: work force management, vacation management, vacation calculation, work shift planning, billing reports and pricing, work time tracking, recruiting, salary calculation, labour agreement interpretation and many useful reporting features.
  • By saving time, you're also saving money. One company was able to save 96 000 euros annually after being able to leave out many unecessary programs.
  • Fewer inconsistencies in reports and work shift plans.
  • Employees can also keep track of their own work hours, payrolls, vacations and overtime hours.
  • Many functions have been included in the same system. There's no more need for unecessary data transfer or switching in between programs.
  • Reporting is easy, and you can export information out of the program as excel-tables or pdf-files.
  • We maintain over 300 Finnish labour agreements in addition to the work time legislation and we will add a new valid labour agreement for free, if we do not have it yet.
  • Tuntinetti's labour agreement interpretation has been published for the first time in 2009 and the functionality of the software has been expanded since then. We are committed to the continuous development of the system so that the usability of the software together with its features streamlines customers business processes. The development is based on customer feedback, regulatory requirements, and studies conducted with usability specialists. Furthermore, customers can order custom changes to the software by requesting a separate cost and schedule estimate for their particular need.

Read more about the perks of using Tuntinetti from the website.

Simple pricing

  • Customer only pays for used features. If you have activated ten features, but only use two of them, you only have to pay for those two.
  • Free and easy to deploy.

An accurate pricing can be found from Tuntinetti's website.

Work time management

Keeping track of work hours is easy with Tuntinetti. The system enables you to enter the work hours and expences along with sick leaves and task descriptions. Various options allow you to adjust the system for the needs of your company.

Time reporting - video tutorial

Time reporting - instruction page

Web user interface

Using Tuntinetti with a web browser is simple and the program can be adjusted to suit different users. All you need is a PC with an internet connection.

Each employee can also have their own account where they can report their work hours, make wishes about their work shifts and keep track of their over time hours.

Time reporting - video tutorial

Time reporting and login -instruction page

Mobile user interface

In addition to web UI, Tuntinetti can be used on many different platforms which allow it to be customised for many different needs. A few examples of this can be found on Tuntinetti's webpage.

Time clock / attendance machines

Time clock machine is an easy solution for following work time. It logs arrival and departure times straight into Tuntinetti's records.

Click here to find the best option for your company: leimauslaite.fi

Cost and materials reporting

Along with reporting work hours, it's also possible to enter different material costs which can be then be used to form salaries and bills automatically.

Time reporting, categorized - tutorial video

Time reporting - instruction page

Time report approval

Time reports give you an easy overview of the work hours conducted by the employees. The system also allows you to accept the hours, use them to create bills for your customers, enter overtime assignments and make manual changes to time stamps when necessary. By accepting work hour reports you can prevent them from being changed after billing the customer of paying salary.

Time reports - video tutorial

Time reports and overtime - instruction page

Billing report review and customer approvals

Tuntinetti allows you to create billing reports based on the timespan and customer of your choosing. On these reports you can see the work hours carried out for the customer, along with the prices and other expences. This makes it easy to keep track of what work has been made for each customer. Employer can accept the work hours marked on the report and send them for the customer to approve, after which he can send the hours for billing with a click of a button.

Billing reports - video tutorial

Billing reports by customer - instruction page

Collective bargaining agreement adherence

The program is able to interpret collective bargaining agreements and use them for calculating salaries and customer bills. Various settings give you the opportunity to adjust this to your company's customs and make indivudual changes for each employee.

Labour agreements -instruction page

Time report review

Time reports show you the work hours, their prices and expences of each employee. You can change the view by selecting the timespan and employees of your choosing. It's also possible to make changes into the reports manually by filling in a missing time stamp or entering an over time assignment.

Approving work time - video tutorial

Approving work time and overtime hours - instruction page

Vacation calendar

Vacation calendar shows you the vacation dates of your employees on a simple calendar view. On this view you and your employees can easily plan your vacations.

Vacation calendar - video tutorial

Vacation calendar - instruction page

Sickleave reports

Sickleaves are found easily from a separate tab where you can create new sick leaves and modify old ones.

Sick leave - video tutorial

Sickleave management - instruction page

Work hour billing

Tuntinetti enables you to create indidual price lists for each employee, project and customer. These prices can then be used to calculate bills for your customers automatically.

Electronic billing

After accepting the work hours of your employees you can send the information straight to Verkkolaskut service. This makes billing easier and reduces the chance of possible errors.

Verkkolaskut.fi integration - video tutorial

Transfer to external billing - instruction page

Profitability reports

Billing reports can be exported out as profitability reports and multidimentional reports, which help you to keep track of the expenses and profitable projects/customers.

Customer reports - video tutorial

Billing reports by customer - instruction page

Work shift planning

Tuntinetti's work shift planning is an efficient option compared to the traditional paper sheets and Excel tables. Planning shifts can be conducted cost efficiently while taking into account the wishes of the employees.

Work shift planning - video tutorial

Work shift planning and booking - instruction page

Resource planning

Planning work shifts is made easy with a practical calendar view that can be adjusted according to the timespan, employees and projects.

Work shift planning - video tutorial

Work shift planner - instruction page

Self service booking

It is possible to add Tuntinetti self service booking calendar as part of your company web page. From the booking calendar, the customer can choose the service, time, and employee of their choice (with the precision you deem appoprate). Each employee has their own calendars, and the program takes into account their skills, work shifts, bookings, vacations along with other absences. Self service booking reduces the need for manual order prosessing and allows you to charge your customers when they're making the order.

Booking service - video tutorial

Booking - instruction page

Availability calendar

Employees can post their work shift wishes to Tuntinetti making it easier to plan shifts accordingly. A calendar view makes this very easy. Empoyees can enter the dates and times of their choosing and also designate the days when they're unable to work. This reduces the need to call individually for each employee.

Work shift planning - video tutorial

Work shift planner - instruction page

Work shift auctions

Work shift auction is another useful feature that helps you to plan work shifts. An open shift can be filled by sending a request via text message or email to multiple employees. Various settings allow you to request only employees with the necessary skill set for the job.

Work shift auction - tutorial video

Work shift auction - instruction page

Work shift balancing and optimization

Work shift autopilot allows you to distribute all empty work shifts for employees automatically, while taking into account their wishes, skills, and contracts.

Work shift planning - tutorial video

Work shift planner - instruction page


Tuntinetti allows you to pay your employees their salaries based on the hours reported into the system. This makes it easy to not only pay your employees the right amount for their work, but also keep track of the payments.

Payroll - tutorial video

Salary calculation and annual vacations - instuction page

Salary payment

You can create individual salary calculations for each employee. Various settings allow you to modify the reports according to your preferences and even send the information directly for payment.

Payroll - tutorial video

Salary calculations - instruction page

Salary automation

The program takes into account collective agreements, employment contracts, overtime hours, and also calculates the tax withholding and insurance payments based on the employee's tax information. All this will be itemized on the calculation sheet.

Payroll - tutorial video

Salary calculations - instruction page

Pay slip delivery (email, snail mail, web)

Once a salary calculation is ready, you can send a pay slip to the employee with a push of a button.

Payroll - tutorial video

Salary calculations - instruction page

Fiscal reports to authorities

The program also has a separate tab where you can create fiscal reports to authorities. All you have to do is select the time span and the employee. Various export options also allow you to transfer the information easily to external accounting systems.

Salary calculations Period reports and Salary lists - video tutorial

Period reports, Payroll ledger, Salary lists - Instruction page

Human recource management

Tuntinetti makes it easy to manage your employees and their contracts. The system includes various recruiting features that help you to find new employees. It's also possible to add different skills for each employee. This helps you to find the right person for each task.

Employment contracts - video tutorial

User settings and employment contracts - instruction page

Online application

Going through job applications is easy with various search and modifying tools. Tuntinetti allows you to keep in touch with the applicants via email and organise their applications the way you see fit. In addition to receiving applications, it's also easy to create job advertisements from Tuntinetti.

Receiving job applications - video tutorial

Job applications - instruction page

Resume processing using keyword search

Using your own keywords for resume search helps you find the right applicants. You may also search skills and abilities, like fluency in a specific language or proficiency in IT.

Receiving job applications - video tutorial

Job applications - instruction page

Recruiting and job publishing

Tuntinetti can help publish your job advertisements to a wide audience. You can post job ads directly to Finland's most popular recruiting sites, such as Mol and Oikotie, all from Tuntinetti.

Publishing job ads - video tutorial

Job ads - instruction page

Employee skill management

Adding skill sets for your employees helps you to find the right people for specific work shifts. Different tasks can be set to require certain skills, and employees can have their skills listed on their profile.

Managing user accounts - video tutorial

Employees - instruction page

Competence management

Adding skills into your employee's profile helps you to keep track of your human resources and allows you to develop them better.

Managing user accounts - video tutorial

Employees - instruction page

Employee contract management

Each employee can have their contract information added to Tuntinetti. Doing this allows you to use the information for pricing and work shift planning.

Employment contracts - video tutorial

Employees - instruction page

Customer relationship management / CRM

Tuntinetti provides you with an easy way to keep track of your customers and their contact information. Each customer can have their own profile with individual settings and price lists.

Customers CRM - video tutorial

CRM - instruction page

Customer information

Various settings allow you to customize all your customer's profiles so that they can be used with other program features.

Customers CRM - video tutorial

Customers - instruction page

Customer contact information

All your customer's contacts and their contact information can be found from the same place. With the search tools you can find the right customer easily without scrolling through the whole list.

Customers CRM - video tutorial

Customers - instruction page

Price lists

Each customer can have their own price lists, and these can be used to bill the work that has been done for them. Price lists include the option to set different prices for each price groups, such as weekend- or over time hours.

Billing and pricing - video tutorial

Billing and pricing - instruction page


Notes allow you to add extra information about each customer. This can be used to add information for which there isn't a specific field.

Customers CRM - video tutorial

Customers - instruction page

Customer file attachments

Each customer can also have various documents attached to their profile.

Details CRM - video tutorial

CRM>Details - instruction page

Action point alerts and reminders

You can create reminders for different actions, so you don't have to constantly check the customer profiles to see if something needs to be done.

Details CRM - video tutorial

CRM>Details - instruction page

Sales planning

Adding contacts to your customer profiles helps with planning your sales.

Contact persons CRM - video tutorial

CRM>Contact persons - instruction page

Sales activity calendar

Tuntinetti gives you the option to search sales activity on the time span of your choosing. This allows you to see how much sales your company made last month, for example.

Details CRM - video tutorial

CRM>Details - instruction page

System integrations

Tuntinetti includes various interfaces that allow you to transfer the information shown on the reports to external programs (currently supported programs include Fully Integrated Payroll (FIP), Sonet, Asteri Lakutus, SAP, Visma Nova, Valttikortti, Anders Manager, Tikon, Talenom, Netvisor, Lemonsoft, Asteri Palkanlaskenta, Heeros, ProCountor Palkanlaskenta, Palveluseteli, Parasta Palvelua, Heeros Venda, ProCountor Laskutus, Fivaldi Laskutus, Fivaldi Palkanlaskenta, EmCe Palkanlaskenta, Isolta Archimedes, Econet Pro and Finvoice-compatible systems). If you need an interface for your own financial management program, please contact Tuntinetti customer service.


If you need more help with using Tuntinetti, there are tutorial videos on each tab of the program. Simply open the tab you wish to know more about and click the button on the top of the page. There you can also find a quick-start guide that helps you to get started with Tuntinetti.

"Help" tab contains solutions for some of the common problems and includes contact instructions for problem situations. The instructions can also be printed for further use.