Tuntinetti English user manual : Contact persons

Customers > Contact persons

The following explains how a contact person can be searched, a contact person's information modified and how a contact person is connected to a customer.

There is an instruction video about the topic here: Contact persons CRM - Tuntinetti

Searching a contact person

The customer's contact persons are listed in a single list. You can arrange the list by clicking a heading. 

To search a single person you can use the keyword search on top of the page. The keyword search searches contact persons that have the keyword included in their name, title or in their customer's name. Matching contact persons will be automatically updated to the contact person list by clicking the "Filter"-button.

Changing the information of a contact person

The information of a contact person can be modified by clicking the "Modify"-button next to the desired person's name. The information will open up under the contact person list.

Adding a contact person

You can add a contact person by clicking "Add a contact person". This opens up blank user contact information and customer information. The obligatory field in user contact information are first name, last name and personal e-mail address.

When you have added the contact person's information you can add the customer's info. Write the customer's official name and choose it from the list that appears under the field. By choosing the customer its information automatically update to the page.