Tuntinetti English user manual : Managing parallel sets of contracts in Tuntinetti

Parallel sets of contracts are primarily used in personnel leasing industries, when the employee is in different employment relationships with different rental employers in different industries. In addition to this, contract sets can be used as one option for implementing task-specific salaries.

In this case, the calculation of allowances and compensations can be done either so that

  • Circumstantial bonuses such as time-based compensations are handled for each parallel contract, but everything else is calculated as a single employment relationship (this can be used as one option when implementing task-specific salaries), or

  • Each parallel contract is calculated separately.

The settings can be found in the Company's basic information tab and can only be set by Tuntinetti's customer service. If you feel the need to change the settings, contact our customer service and we will find the best solution for your situation:

When parallel sets of contracts are in use at the company, a parallel set of contracts can be used for the employee's work contract and projects. This happens so that each contract series is named (for example, in a certain industry) according to the project  (Contract series):

When an employee is appointed to a project, in connection with the appointment, if necessary, choose which set of contracts will be followed:

With these settings, Tuntinetti calculates the salary according to the working hours recorded for the job and the settings of the selected contract series. Note! It is also possible to automate the contract series selection as a modification to your company's needs, and you can inquire about a solution that suits your needs from our customer service.