Tuntinetti English user manual : Approving hours with customer signature via touchscreen

You can approve hours in the Tuntinetti mobile app by having the customer write their signature on a mobile device that has a touchscreen.

Activating the Customer approval signature via touchscreen additional feature

So that the customer can approve hours with a signature, the additional feature Customer approval signature via touchscreen must be activated in the Tuntinetti additional features.

The feature can be activated by checking the Customer approval signature via touchscreen check-box and saving changes.

Approving hours with customer signature

Finding report in mobile view

If the Customer approval signature via touchscreen additional feature is activated, you can get to the time report by clicking the Customer signature button.

After this you can select the desired customer.

The time report will be now visible on the screen.

Customer signature

By clicking the Approve button you can approve all of the time report's hours till the selected day. This opens up a view where the customer can write their signature and print name.

The customer can write the signature straight on to the mobile device's screen.

The approval can be confirmed by clicking the Save changes button.

Supervisor's view of the approval

When an employee's hours has been approved by a customer, a supervisor can see the customer signature on the time report.

By hovering over the Approved button with mouse cursor, the supervisor can see all of the approvals in a separate window. If customers have approved with signature, the signatures are visible after each approval.