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Tuntinetti is a browser based SaaS cloud service made by the Finnish Tustor International Oy. Tuntinetti is reliable and secured with strong encryption methods. Tuntinetti has almost 20 000 users and it is suitable for companies of any size.

With Tuntinetti you can easily and reliably manage human resourcing processes with one software. Tuntinetti can be equipped with desired modules: work force management, vacation management, vacation calculation, work shift planning, billing reports and pricing, work time tracking, recruiting, salary calculation, labour agreement interpretation and many useful reporting features.

We maintain over 300 Finnish labour agreements in addition to the work time legislation and we will add a new valid labour agreement for free, if we do not have it yet. Tuntinetti's labour agreement interpretation has been published for the first time in 2009 and the functionality of the software has been expanded since then. We are committed to the continuous development of the system so that the usability of the software together with its features streamlines customers business processes. The development is based on customer feedback, regulatory requirements, and studies conducted with usability specialists. Furthermore, customers can order custom changes to the software by requesting a separate cost and schedule estimate for their particular need.