Tuntinetti English user manual : Time and Attendance Clock Card Devices

You can integrate clock card functions to complement the usage of Tuntinetti. Time management is easy with a clock card which works with Tuntinetti. Work time hours are transferred automatically to Tuntinetti and you get stamping time and location information in real time.



Clock Card device options

  1. Wall mounted NFC clock card. A clock card device that is mounted to a wall ("a traditional clock card device") which can read NFC keyfobs/cards/stickers.
    • A good choice if the working place is a fixed place (for example offices, factories and manufacturing facilities).
    • You are able to add some additional information with keycodes. (For example project/task/expenses or deviant overtime etc.)
    • The clock card device sends information only one way, so employees aren't able to see their work time information on the stamping device.
  2. Wall mounted NFC/QR mobile clock card. A smart phone that is installed to a fixed location. It can read NFC keyfobs/cards/stickers.
    • A good choice if the working place is a fixed place (for example offices, factories and manufacturing facilities).
    • Project/task/expense can be selected from a list or with a keycode depending on the settings. Deviant overtime is added with a keycode.
    • Employees can also see their work time balances on the mobile device's screen.
  3. Portable NFC/QR mobile clock card mobile app.
    • A good choice if projects change a lot (for example home care customers) or if there are a lot of different projects (for example construction sites), because the device is portable and doesn't need to be mounted anywhere.
      • For example the supervisor on a construction site can have the mobile clock card with him or her and employees go to the supervisor to stamp their NFC keyfobs/cards/stickers or QR codes.
      • Another way to use the portable NFC/QR mobile clock card is to have NFC or QR sticker placed to a customer's house and home care employees stamp themselves with their own phones there and use the phone as a mobile clock card.
    • It is also possible to have the stamping locations added to a report with an additional feature to make sure everything is correct.
    • It depends on the smart phone's technical features whether it is possible to use NFC and/or QR codes. To read QR codes requires that the smart phone has a camera (so basically any smart phone on the market).
    • Employees can also log in with their Tuntinetti account information within the smart phone app. This way different employees can use a single phone to track their work time.
  4. Time and Attendance Clock Card work time tracking using a web browser. Clock card where you can track your work time using a browser with a computer or a mobile device.

Clock card identification

When a clock card device is mounted to a fixed location, the system identifies the project using the device's id ("IMEI") and employees are identified using the employee-specific NFC keyfob/card/sticker or QR code. If you have a portable mobile clock card, it can also be used so that the smart phone is personal (employee is identified using the "IMEI" code of the smart phone) and the project is identified using the NFC sticker or QR code. It is also possible to identify employees using their own Tuntinetti account information and select the desired project from a list or by using a NFC sticker or QR code.

Project-specific clock card device can be attached to multiple projects in Tuntinetti. Then the desired project can be selected during time stamping from a list or with a keycode depending on what settings are used. A single project can have more than one clock card devices if there are for example multiple entrances to a warehouse employees can stamp themselves in the same project/work tasks.




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