How to Solve Software Problems?

It might seem daunting to take the next leap towards business growth while being dragged behind by countless excel sheets, paper copies, and managing day to day operationsIt’s time for change,
otherwise you will never have enough time to even start planning growth.


    Manual data processing for time reporting, invoicing, payroll, employee and customer data management wastes a lot of time and endows unnecessary human errors.



    Tuntinetti lets your team concentrate on actual tasks at hand by automating and streamlining your company’s workflow.


    Often, as businesses grow, they end up with multiple systems and databases that are not linked with each other, thus offering no real-time visibility.



    Tuntinetti is a single platform, cloud based solution that allows both your managers and employees access relevant information real-time via web or mobile.


    Multiple local installations waste resources such as own hardware and technicians, and do not scale easily. The more different software applications you need to complete your work the slower it makes you work.



    Tuntinetti requires no installation and easily integrates with payroll systems.


The Tuntinetti Offer

Within your custom pricing package to meet all your business needs, we offer the following:

  • Quality

    • Modern technology
    • Highly qualified & motivated team
    • 10 years of experience
  • Service

    • Customer oriented 24/7 Helpdesk
    • Easy web and mobile access
  • Reliability

    • Secure connections
    • Encrypted data
    • Daily backups
    • Cloud based
  • A Proven Record

    • Over 10,000 happy daily users
    • Easy to integrate

We Solve Problems as Easy as 1, 2, 3

We have something for every operational woe.

We like to turn frowns upside down.

  • Time Wasters

    Too much time spent handling manual data and paper slips. This time could be spent on revenue generating operations.


    Tuntinetti's employee self-service work time tracking with automatic employee reminders frees up your time for more important matters.

  • Redundant Tasks

    Manual hour and compensation reporting for payroll is unnecessary repetitive manual work with high error count.


    Tuntinetti allows you to electronically export data from employee time reports to payroll. This saves time and reduces manual errors.

  • Slow Work Flows

    Shift planning with multiple excel or paper copies is too slow and errors occur often. Even the thought of updating changes to all reports is tedious.


    Tuntinetti shift planning with autopilot, skill management, overtime alerts, and easily updatable scheduling increases your productivity.

  • Double Work

    Tracking service pricing separately from payroll hours is unnecessary double work. Billable hours can often be forgotten.


    Configure monetary prices for worked hours to create invoices or reports easily and transfer data electronically into accounts receivable. You can even get alerts for forgotten billable hours.

  • Losing Track of Progress

    Supervisors cannot monitor task progress in real time. Employees easily lose or forget task details.


    Tuntinetti Helper App helps your employees and supervisors stay up-to-date and informed about task details in real time.

  • Missing Valuable Hires

    Difficult to oversee recruiting progress and follow up on job postings. Applicants are often left without orderly reply.


    With Tuntinetti you can easily post job ads and centrally oversee whole recruiting progress. Mass-email to notify applicants after the position has been filled.

  • Lost Business Opportunities

    If customer data is difficult to share and use, it ends up not being used. Unused customer data can lead to lost business opportunities.


    Tuntinetti allows your entire customer management team to share customer data centrally. Calendar and reminder tools help keep scheduled appointments.

  • Not Able to see the Big Picture

    Without proper analytics and reporting features, you are not able to have a full view of your company. This makes business planning difficult and leads to uneducated business choices.


    With Tuntinetti you can easily analyze the progress of employees, projects, and customers. Create easy reports about any data you need. Tuntinetti gives you a complete picture of your company's workforce and provides you the angle you need for strategic planning.

Preliminary Questionnaire

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