Preliminary Questionnaire

Please answer following few preliminary questions about your company to calculate the price and savings of your custom Tuntinetti package.

How do you process your payroll?

Would your customers benefit from self service online booking calendar?


Customer Testimonials

  • In Tuntinetti employees report work hours done to each customer, that way both salary data and billing data is created at the same time.

    Tuntinetti data export electronically to billing system and external payroll saves me 60% of work hours.

    PolarPro Staffing Ltd.
  • I used to plan work shifts using Google calendar, but now that number of our employees has increased, an employee scheduling software is greatly appreciated.

    Tuntinetti works smoothly and you can record work hours also by mobile on all browsers.

    Eurobiker Ltd.
  • Tuntinetti provides more effective and error free salary calculation system for our customers.

    Manual work hour reporting for payroll needs on paper slips is not necessary anymore.

    APL Balance Ltd.